Cavalieri & Amoretti: production of luxury packaging


Officine Grafiche Riunite is specialized in delivering high quality, ecologically compatible, high-image content paper-industry products , such as displays, cases and folding boxes and cartons in flat cardboard and / or microwave.
Having the experience of almost a century, Officine Grafiche Riunite has more recently affirmed itself also in the pharmaceutical industry producing cases, boxes and displays, completing the production with the information leaflets and application of optical punches.
The areas where the company operates, such as pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics, are among the most demanding in terms of quality standards. These standards are fully met in the paper products offered by Officine Grafiche Riunite and are a stimulus for the search of continuous improvement in favour of all the sectors it works in.
All the achievements of Officine Grafiche Riunite have a full warranty: respect for the environment, print quality, runability, traceability, safety certified by the latest generation process controls installed on all production lines.
The plant structure allows total automation in managing the entire production process, from the sheet of raw cardboard to the printed, folded and glued case, or subjected to processing details such as UV coating, glossy and matte lamination, and application of hot foil.
The acquisition of Officine Grafiche Riunite by the group Cavalieri & Amoretti has offered a great opportunity to perpetuate, in an International outlook , the tradition and the virtues that have always distinguished the historical brand Grafiche Filippi.
In the new group, Officine Grafiche Riunite has found a renewed vigour to continue its tradition based on quality and professionalism. The pleasure of researching sophisticated applications, coupled with the great versatility, now constitute the main pillars of the company, as well as the propellant of passion which has always fuelled the work of all our cooperators.